MTV’s Xbox Unveiling

What a piece of crap. I’ve been looking forward to the official unveiling for so long and eagerly eating up every little morsel that “leaked” out, but this was disappointing. We saw, what? Three minutes total of stuff on the console itself and four music videos, famous people, and flashing lights. It was a complete waste of time when we didn’t even get some direct feed Perfect Dark Zero (which looks like a PS2 game in its current form) even though it was clearly being played there.

Thankfully the press embargo has been lifted on the console which means that the real gaming news outlets have been able to show us some stuff. I was blown away with the video and pictures of Gears of War and I’m dying for E3 to start (not least because it will herald the arrival of Star Wars) to see some proper direct feed and high-res videos. They have to have some trump cards with which to upstage Sony’s PS3 announcement and whatever Nintendo might have to show. The latest issue of Edge also has some great coverage that answered a lot of my questions, as well as impressing me with the fact that they must have had that information for a month or so now.

I suppose the announcement was intended for the members of the MTV generation who can’t keep their attention on one thing for more than a few minutes and managed to inject some gaming into their usual diet to give the Xbox 360 a lift in the coolness stakes which is needed for the upcoming battle with the PlayStation 3. The real unveiling for the real gamers will be in a week at E3 – this was just a preview.

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