My 360: 2nd December 2005 – 9th February 2007

Stranger by the roadside, do not smile
When you see this grave, though it is only a 360’s,
My master wept when I died, and his own hand
Laid me in earth and wrote these lines on my tomb.

It was a matter of time, but my 360 has finally joined the millions of others that have croaked as what must be one of the most unreliable consoles ever made. And since it’s costing me £83 for a new one I’m going to be more than mildly annoyed if the rumoured HDMI version appears imminently.

After the early faults appeared I enjoyed a week of play without issue, both on Psychonauts and assorted 360 games. Then, last night, it froze in the Crackdown demo and again when playing COD2. Restarts brought the dreaded three lights, so now I’m just biting the bullet and getting it replaced. That has to be better than constantly playing in fear of the inevitable failure.

Since I’m going to be without a 360 for at least a week now, the bright side is that I’m going to use the time to work through some of my PS2 and DS backlog. I intend to finally finish Ico and God of War, and then crack on with Hotel Dusk, Dawn of Sorrow (still haven’t finished it), and Phoenix Wright 2. Every cloud…

4 thoughts on “My 360: 2nd December 2005 – 9th February 2007”

  1. let me know when the memorial service is as im feeling kind of emotional that another loved 360 has died! it must feel like a close relative has passed away! my thoughts are with you at this time

  2. I know, it’s daylight robbery. There’s obviously a problem when every person I know who owns one bar one (the first commenter, incidentally) has had to replace theirs at least once, and I’m sure that if someone was to push this legally there might be some trouble for them.

    It’s inconvenient, to be sure, but I wouldn’t be bothered so much if I didn’t have to pay £83.

  3. I still can’t quite get over how ludicrous having to pay £83 is. I mean…. ugh. I think when (not if) mine breaks and they want me to fork over that much i’ll neglect to ever get it fixed out of principle.

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