New GamesTM is Out

Issue 36 of GamesTM was delivered at work today and it’s the first – hopefully of many – with some of my stuff in it. I’m fairly light on the ground (the only time you’ll ever hear that used to describe me) but this one was nearly finished when I went for my work experience so I only really got to pick up a few loose ends, but the next one due in October will have more. Anyway, for anyone who actually cares enough to look for stuff that I had my hand in this is all of it and the pages on which you can find it:

  • Pages 10-18: Datastreams – the small news stories in the sidebars.
  • Pages 80-85: A Tale’s End – feature on the death and future of point-and-click adventures; most of the screenshots were taken by me.
  • Pages 136-139: A Breed Apart – retrospective on Alien Breed for the Amiga; screenshots taken by me.
  • Page 176: Text Life – the text messages that I had to make up in a fine display of journalistic integrity.
  • Page 177: Contributors – I’m listed in the list of contributors, although it’s annoyingly under the name “Ollie Dean”. My cousin, Matthew Dean, is also listed as a design contributor as he’s on design at Highbury.

It should be available at all good newsagents across the UK in the next few days for the fairly reasonable price of £4.

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