New Photo Gallery

I’ve been using the Flickr Gallery plugin for WordPress to handle my photo gallery for some time and I’m actually very happy with it because it does precisely what I want it to do, but unfortunately Flickr, in their infinite wisdom, have seen fit to decide to force the merging of Flickr and Yahoo accounts, providing zero benefit to the users and breaking compatibility with every third-party application out there. Doubly unfortunately the plugin that I was using is no longer being updated so it’s living on borrowed time, forcing me to switch to something newer.

Thankfully the creator of the Flickr Gallery plugin, Ramon Darrow, has provided a link to an excellent alternative, FAlbum. It works with the updated authentication protocol and generates some nice looking (if slightly cluttered, but that’s nothing a bit of fiddling can’t fix) galleries that work pretty much in the same way as the old plugin. It’s not quite ready to go completely live as my replacement for Flickr Gallery because I haven’t gotten it to respect my stylesheet and layout yet and I want to make it pay somehow for all the grief it gave me getting it to work in the first place (it even managed to corrupt my .htaccess file, making the whole site inaccessible) but hopefully it’ll be done before the end of the week. It’ll save a lot of work and tears when the Flickr switchover happens next year.

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