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By now I’ve put countless hours into Crackdown and have been very nearly driven utterly mad by the search for agility orbs. I managed to find 499 of the 500 with very little problem, and then spent literally hours every day combing the city for that last one, the Moby-Dick to my Ahab, which continued to elude me.

But then, when all hope had faded, I saw a green glow in the distance. That turned out to be a neon sign. This happened many, many times. At this point I was ready to snap the disc in half and use it to make a shiny hat while I dribble down myself.

Altogether, I reckon I’ve put in at least eight hours since “finishing” the game, spent searching for the last couple of agility orbs and grabbing any hidden ones that I found along the way. I had very little problem up until the last one, with even the 499th not posing too much of a problem. The last one, though? Ugh…

Until now!

Sod’s law prevails, and it turned out to be on a bowling alley sign around the corner from the starting point on La Mugre. You could literally hit it with a grenade from the bit where you emerge from the agency tunnel into a firefight between the police and Los Muertos. Now I can sleep without dreaming about the fucking things which, sadly, is not a joke. Here ends what is both the most satisfying and most excruciating achievement ever, uh, achieved.

My 500th agility orb, as George (Bean05) looks on

Best. Game. Ever.

Anyone in the UK remember what they were doing ten years ago today?

2 thoughts on “Orb Huntin’”

  1. I’m beginning to wonder if these agility orbs appear at different times as I seem to be going over the same ground and finding more, which I couldn’t have missed before or could I. Well done for finding them all, I still have 139 to go. These seem easier to find than the hidden ones but that’s a whole different story.

  2. They’re definitely always there, but it’s a little bit of being meticulous when searching and a lot of blind luck involved. When I found that last one I just happened to see it when climbing a nearby bridge with George, hence him in the picture.

    With 139 you shouldn’t have too much of a problem – chances are there are a few pockets of them that you haven’t explored yet where you’ll find loads of them together, since that’s almost an entire island’s worth. It’s when you get into the last 20 or so that it gets hard, and then the last one will be the one that kills you.

    Just ask Carl…

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