PS3: Now In Solid Gold (Probably)

An article in PSM on some of the apparent planned features of the PS3 seems to have set the rumour mills into working overtime, with the news that not only are Sony planning an Xbox Live-style online service (not surprising, considering what a fucking mess PS2 online was), but that it’s to include a number of big multimedia features including a DVR and LocationFree server to go with the PSP. Impressive, but I’m going to call bullshit with the following calculations:

  • The only comparable games console sells for $400.
  • First-generation Blu-Ray players unveiled at CES are set to start at $1,000.
  • An HD DVR is going to need at least 250GB of space, and a drive of that size goes for around $100 alone.
  • The PS2/DVR hybrid, the PSX, sold for the equivalent of $720 at launch.
  • LocationFree servers sell for $200-300.

Now I obviously don’t expect it to cost the total of all that, but unless Sony plan to take a colossal loss on the machine there is no way in hell that they can get all of that functionality in and keep it at a decent price.

People complained and indeed still do complain that $400 for a 360 is obscene, so I hope that for Sony’s sake they don’t announce that the PS3 is going to cost more than $500. I can’t wait to find out how much they expect people to pay for it.

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