PSP 2.00 Homebrew

I’m not really big on the whole PSP homebrew scene and I couldn’t be even if I wanted to because the white PSP ships with 2.00, but I’ve really been blown away with how fast people have started to exploit a small bug in the 2.00 firmware. Looking at PSP Updates, they went from a buffer overflow on Friday evening (link) to the traditional “Hello, world!” on Saturday (link) and through some basic demos on Sunday until some enterprising individual came out with a fully functional version of Pong on Monday evening (link).

Whether you follow the homebrew scene or think of it as a euphemism for piracy that speed of development is seriously impressive, and surely it’s a matter of time before someone makes some kind of loader to run more complex software on it, returning us to the boom when the KXploit for 1.5 was discovered. It seems like every time my RSS reader updates there’s some new development on it.

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