PSP Downgrader

Wow…writing about something as fast moving as the enthusiast development community and expecting it to remain accurate for any length of time is always going to be folly, but I didn’t expect yesterday’s post to become outdated this fast. In days we’ve gone from a minor buffer overflow being discovered to a fully functional technique to downgrade a 2.00 PSP to the 1.50 firmware, allowing homebrew software to be run on any PSP currently on the market. It’s a deceptively simple technique (the buffer overflow makes it execute a version of an existing version changer which makes the PSP think it’s a 1.00 while still being 2.00, which then means it will run the 1.50 update and overwrite 2.00) but I tried it on my white PSP which shipped with 2.00 and it works perfectly.

I’m sticking with 2.00 on mine for now just because I like the elegant functions of the added features over their homebrew equivalents and I’d prefer a way to run homebrew applications natively on 2.00, but at least now I’m safe in the knowledge that I can drop back to 1.50 in the future if a real homebrew killer app appears. Kudos to the guys who finally made it happen.

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