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The recent 3.70 PSP firmware (also in the 3.71 M33 custom firmware) added support for custom themes to personalise the XMB. Using this utility it’s possible to make your own, and since the homebrew community has been customising the XMB for months through less legitimate means, it naturally hasn’t taken long for some good, highly professional ones to show up.

I downloaded a rather impressive theme pack and trawled some forums for the best, as well as a couple that are a bit rubbish really but I found funny. Here are some of my favourites, both official and fan-made:

Cookie (official)




Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Foxhound/Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops




Ken Kutaragi

Ken Kutaragi

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts







Puyo Puyo

Puyo Puyo

Super Mario World

Super Mario World

Wipeout Pulse (official)

Wipeout Pulse

I suspect that at least two of those ‘unofficial’ ones are secretly leaked from within Sony. Can you guess which ones?

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  1. ya this is awesome i dont no if i downlaoded the KH 1 tho. and i dont really no how 2 put them on my PSP so i will figure it out

  2. To put them on your PSP you need to create a folder on the Memory Stick called ‘THEME’ (without quotes) inside the ‘PSP’ folder. Just drop the PTF files in there and select them from the PSP’s theme menu, under settings.

    Hope that helps.

  3. How can u make a folder on the Memory stick because i want the Kingdom Hearts one

  4. Connect the PSP to your PC with USB Connection enabled and then you should be able to right-click from within Windows (or OS X, or whatever else you might use) and choose to make a new folder there.

  5. Yep, that’s how you have to connect it. Either that or use a Memory Stick reader for your PC.

  6. Hey, just wondering regarding the firmware version compatibility with the themes u showed here, especially the KH theme.

    I’m running on 4.01 firmware version, is that compatible? Or will my psp get bricked if i try to put the theme in?

    Hope anyone can answer, thanks =]

  7. You’ll be fine. I run custom themes from the same batch on 4.01 with no problem, and it’s an official feature with themes created by Sony’s official theme creation software, so it’s not like you’re hacking the PSP or doing something that could result in damage.

  8. That’s nice =]

    Though, i’m on 4.01 M33 custom firmware, its still the same? As in no damage to my psp n theme works fine?

    *Just being extra cautious* ~.~

  9. Great~ erm, is there a download link for the themes displayed here? The KH theme got me hooked.

  10. Oops, looks like the one I linked to has gone. I’ve zipped them up myself and updated the link in the post, or you can download it here.

  11. Cool, thanks man ~ =)

    How do i get the themes to work?
    I know its; 1)make a folder ‘THEME’ in my psp. 2)put the .ptf file in ‘THEME’
    3)thn how do i select the theme once i turn on my psp? cuz some sites say XMB -> Settings -> Themes.

    What’s XMB??? *Sry if my questions are bombarding >.< doesn’t seem to work for me.*

  12. The XMB is the PSP’s dashboard main menu thing. It stands for cross media bar, bizarrely.

    Assuming you’ve got the PTF files in the right folder, you just go to the PSP’s main menu, go all the way to the left to find ‘Settings’, and then a few options down there should be ‘Theme Settings’. The option to change the theme is in there, and selecting it should bring up the list of all the ones you put on the Memory Stick.

  13. Ooh, so that’s XMB >.<

    Yea, got it to work. Didn’t have to make a folder THEME…just had to find the one already in my PSP. Lolx


  14. As A Short Time PSP Theme Creator And Long Time User.. I Was Stunned At The Effort Put Into Your Themes. I Would Like To Know Where You Got The Wallpaper For The FOXGROUND/MGSPO+ One As I Am Midway Through One Of My Own…

    Keep Up The Good Work

  15. As much as I’d like to claim credit, I only collated some of the best themes around. The only one in there that’s actually mine is the slightly amateurish Ouendan theme.

    The Foxhound one is the logo – plenty of good quality versions of that around – with the gun artwork from Portable Ops that you can probably get yourself with the game and a screenshot plugin for your PSP (requires custom firmware).

  16. Trust Me Olly If I Had CFW I Would Be Over The Moon… When I First Got The PSP I Was So Enthrilled That I Updated My Firmware A.S.A.P. And When I was Told About Halo On PSP I Looked Everywhere Until I Found This Thing Called Custom Firmware… And You Can Figure The Rest Out…

    If Any Of You are Ever Interested In Either A Custom Battery Bar Or A XMB Seeker Just Let Me Know As I Have An Over Abundance Of Knowledge In Placing Them On Wallpapers…

  17. The Red Ring of Death theme that you have on here uses my photograph as a background image. I own all rights for it and it is copyrighted in my name. I did not authorize this photo to be used or modified in any fashion and would appreciate it if you removed it.

    Thank you!

  18. the themes and mobile sor or videos to be gemes mobile you can send to my imeil please thank you…

  19. the themes and mobile sor or videos to be gemes mobile you can send to my imeil please thank you.
    mada for the metal gear.

  20. dude can u get any for the ps3 and tell me how by mail so i can get some final fantansy themes cause i am a big fan of kingdom hearts and final fantasny plez will u messaage me bk asap so i can get some new themes cause all mine are shit cheers m8

  21. my folder is in their i made 1 i put two theams in it psp still wont register that its there

  22. I am sorry but does this work on all the psp versions cause I have a very new version and I cant downlaud games thx please answer soon

  23. Those themes should work on the latest versions. They have nothing to do with downloading games, which you won’t find help with here.

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