Pyramid Head

Information on the Silent Hill movie is scarce and pretty much limited to a few photos and a trailer, but the more I see of it the more it looks like it could actually be a decent game adaptation. It’s fairly true to the game which is a good start and seems to be taking the Japanese horror route which is popular at the moment. Plus of course Uwe Boll has no involvement whatsoever.

The promising trailer was one thing but what’s sure to set fanboy tongues wagging is the first image of the series’ most famous enemy, the Pyramid Head, last seen…uh…raping mannequins in Silent Hill 2. It remains to be seen how much of that the movie rating boards will stand for (not much is my guess), but they’ve very much got the look suitably macabre and without a hint of CGI – always nice to see. This may actually be one to watch.

One thought on “Pyramid Head”

  1. He is a massively scary man but still very sexy. some girls get off on have the bad boy image. i know i do. so if he is gonna slay me well i hope he does to me what he does to the mannequinns feel me up plz. lol.

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