Revenge Will Be Sweet

The time is nearly upon us when we’re going to sit down to watch a new Star Wars movie for the last time ever, and the Skywalker saga in the galaxy far, far away will draw to a close. The buzz is positive (more so than the other two prequels, at least) and in some parts of the world the hallowed day is already here. I’ve got my tickets and my Jawa T-shirt is out for the first time since Attack of the Clones.

Revenge of the Sith

Like everyone else I’ve read some of the more negative reviews and so I’m trying to go with low expectations so that I won’t be disappointed if it does turn out to be bad, but it’s impossible to do it. It’s fucking Star Wars! It has Darth Vader! It has Anakin vs Obi-Wan! It has Chewbacca! It has the birth of the twins! It has Clone Wars! It has the Jedi purges! No matter how shoddy the dialogue might turn out to be it has to have a lot more redeeming features than Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones. Either way I’ll be posting some detailed impressions tomorrow, and I might even review it when I’ve had a chance to ruminate on it or see it again.

One last thing that I’m wondering about it how impossible it’s going to be to get tickets in LA. As if the film wasn’t anticipated enough and LA wasn’t busy, most of the geeks of the world are in town right now. They must be rarer than rocking horse shit.

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