Shenmue Review & New Camera

As if you needed any proof that I’m always at the forefront of the gaming scene there’s a new review of Sega’s Dreamcast classic, Shenmue, here (as always, you can find it on the reviews page at any time). I’m occasionally going to review one of my old favourites just so I can wallow in nostalgia, so I hope that when I do it you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed going back and playing them again.

I’ve never really had a good digital camera and I want one to take to Japan in September, so I’ve dropped the cash for the Panasonic DMC-FX2. A friend of mine bought the DMC-FX7 (reviewed here) which is the same thing but with a 5MP CCD instead of 4MP and a 2.5″ screen instead of 2″. I got the FX2 and a 1GB SD card for about £200 in total and the camera should arrive tomorrow, so I’ll probably post some feedback then.

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