In probably the least surprising lawsuit in a long time, the first person who can smell easy money is suing over the sex content in GTA San Andreas (The Register). Chances are that they’ll win and open the floodgates since the industry has become such a fashionable target, but I’m going to be pissed off if no-one notices the obvious holes in her argument and doesn’t at least advise the judge to throw the case out.

First of all, she’s suing because a game rated 18+ isn’t suitable for her 14 year-old grandson whereas one rated 17+ was. She didn’t know that it contained “explicit” (assuming “explicit” means “fully clothed”) sexual content despite the fact that the content was disabled and could only be opened by various hacks, and it was apparently OK that it did contain the whole gamut of illegal activities – murder, assassination, drug dealing, gang warfare, solicitation of prostitutes, bribing police officers, carjacking, burglary, arson, interfering with a witness, theft from a military facility, etc.

She also seems to have overlooked the fact that the ESRB guidelines for M and AO aren’t actually very different, and the M rating allows for “intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content, and/or strong language”. The only difference is that AO allows for prolonged and graphic scenes, and you really can’t call Hot Coffee “graphic” if you’ve seen God of War with Kratos’ concubines.

Unfortunately this sort of thing is now inevitable with much of America apparently finding sex far more abhorrent than the murder of civilians.

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