Speak of the Devil…

…and he shall appear.

I should have guessed that they’d announce an HD-DVD drive for the 360 the day after I went into a rant on the subject, but I’m still trying to work out how it’s going to work. Considering how slow USB hard drives are in my experience I didn’t think that a USB HD-DVD drive would be able to smoothly stream high definition video, but unless they’re doing something that I didn’t even think of I guess I was wrong.

The far more interesting news for me is the other announcement in that news story that Street Fighter II is coming to the Live Arcade. Capcom have some of the best arcade games ever made in their resume and the almighty SF2 (in HD, don’t forget) could only be the beginning. Even their retro console games like the Mega Man and Breath of Fire series would make great downloads for a few hundred points. Just look at this list and begin salivating…

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