Splinter Cell 4

While checking my newsreader today I was naturally drawn to the screenshots of Splinter Cell 4, which is looking rather impressive, and considering how good Chaos Theory was I’m definitely interested.

What really blew me away here was that I thought those screenshots were from the Xbox 360. I noticed that they weren’t in 720p and that they looked quite poor on some sites, but I just assumed they were leaked or something because the texturing and lighting was so nice. Imagine my surprise then, when I found out that those shots are from the Xbox version. I can only assume that the 360 one is just going to look fantastic (if not completely next-gen), and I really can’t wait to see how phenomenal one written from the ground up for the 360 – presumably Splinter Cell 5 – will look. Hopefully the apparent change to the gameplay and setting won’t be detrimental and won’t just try to turn into a clone of Chronicles of Riddick, no matter how good that was.

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