Stick Your USB in My Firewire

This is too funny. As someone who can’t claim to be Sony’s biggest fan I’m sitting back and enjoying them taking flak over news like their whole CD rootkit fiasco and the price fixing allegations, not to mention rumours like the one that the PS3 DRM (admittedly now denied by Sony) wouldn’t allow you to borrow or buy used games, and now you can add another controversy to the list. It’s not as moustache-twiddlingly nefarious as some of the others, but it’s really funny that it happened to them.

According to The Register, anyone who visited the Sony Style website and innocently searching for “USB” would find something more than just the expected USB cables and hubs. They’d also be offered a naked person, legs akimbo, offering the great deal of showing you their something in exchange for a look at your USB and only $9.99. Pretty good deal, I’d say.

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