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Loading…Please Wait…

I’ve noticed that quite a few PSP games have some atrocious load times (Winning Eleven 9, I’m looking at you), but this really takes the cake. It’s a video showing someone playing – or rather attempting to play – Smackdown vs Raw 2006 on the PSP from booting it up until getting into the first fight of career mode. It literally takes over six minutes because it even has to load the loading screen! It can’t be helping the already poor battery life, either.

The guy probably deserves it for buying a wrestling game, but still it’s either proof that the game was horribly rushed or that optical media isn’t yet the way to go for handhelds. Take your pick.

Colossus Shenanigans

Here’s yet more proof that some people have too much time on their hands, this time playing around with the third best game of 2005. It seems that the R1 button in Shadow of the Colossus is useful for more than just climbing rocks and mythical beasts, and can actually be used to pester the more conventional fauna in the forbidden lands.

The larger bird is the best and most impressive one, so definitely take a look at that one. By the looks of things they’re not new but it’s the first time I’ve seen them, and this one of someone climbing the temple is long but also cool.

Kevin Smith

For anyone who’s interested in him and his work, Kevin Smith now has a blog. It’s not so much his musings; it’s more of a journal that intentionally goes into meticulous detail about everything that happens in every day of his life, achieving an interesting dichotomy of being prosaic enough to live up to the title but also making me wonder how anyone who goes on CNN, meets Zach Braff, and appears on The Tonight Show within the space of four days can consider their life boring.

He also uses WordPress. All the good ones do.