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I’m on Twitter

I’ll admit to poo-pooing the service back when I first heard of it through the constant gushing on TWiT, the recent situation at 1UP and my desire to keep up with some of my favourite departing writers has forced me onto Twitter.

Twitter Logo

It actually makes a nice complement to a full-scale blog, and I’ve been using it from my phone to update with occasional thoughts and talk about what’s going on in my life. I can also post pictures directly to it much faster than I can on here considering the limited state of the official iPhone WordPress app, so if I see something interesting on my travels and I can talk about it without violating an NDA it might pop up on there.

So follow me if you’re on there, have a look at some of the interesting ones that I’m following, and join me in enjoying the latest social network du jour until something more interesting comes along.