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Back To Uni

I started back at uni today which is an odd experience having been away for the best part of five months. Still, I don’t have to do shorthand this year because it’s an option. Thank God…

I had to laugh today when I had my first seminar in the online journalism unit. The guy is a former editor of a major Internet magazine and then told us that one of the most popular blogging platforms is ‘WorldPress’ (ahem) and that web development isn’t done much in raw HTML since the arrival of Dreamweaver. You know that old “those who can’t, teach” phrase? Yeah…

Hard to believe that I’m in my final year of university and in eight months or so I’ll be kicked out into the big wide world. With any luck then I’ll be able to give the ‘aspiring’ in the site header the boot, completing what I’ve been planning to do for over a decade. Yay for me.

WordPress 2.0

WordPress 2.0 is out today, and to commemorate this momentous occasion I thought it would be a good idea for some quick first impressions. I’ve been playing around with various betas and release candidates for a while now but this is my first experience with the finished article.

There weren’t any major bugs to fix with the 1.5 line, so this is just a good opportunity to create new ones by adding a lot of new functionality, both obvious stuff and a lot of tweaking behind the scenes. If all goes according to plan you shouldn’t even notice the change as, for the moment at least, all the changes are on my end. You might get a little speed increase from the new caching system, but that’s about it.

The admin pages are now a fetching shade of teal (I prefer the old white/grey but it’s acceptable) and probably the most noticable addition is a TinyMCE WSIWYG editor for writing posts. I turned it off because I like to control my HTML, but it should help make WordPress more accessible to people who just want to be able to blog without getting their hands dirty. Other changes are fairly superficial (I like the screenshots for theme selection) but we’ll see the benefits when developers start taking advantage of the upgrades. The upgrade was as painless as always, and my theme and all plugins worked fine once I’d grabbed a couple of newer versions.

A couple of bugs regarding timestamps that I’d run into when I was running RC3 locally have been mostly fixed and so far no problems at all. It always impresses me when open source software can be this robust while costing nothing, and this example comes highly recommended.

Kevin Smith

For anyone who’s interested in him and his work, Kevin Smith now has a blog. It’s not so much his musings; it’s more of a journal that intentionally goes into meticulous detail about everything that happens in every day of his life, achieving an interesting dichotomy of being prosaic enough to live up to the title but also making me wonder how anyone who goes on CNN, meets Zach Braff, and appears on The Tonight Show within the space of four days can consider their life boring.

He also uses WordPress. All the good ones do.