The Christmas Invasion

Wow…I just watched The Christmas Invasion, the first episode of Doctor Who under David Tennant’s tenure, and it was fantastic. Definitely the best of the new episodes so far, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the series after the little preview they did (Sarah Jane and K-9!).

I can confidently say that Tennant will make a great Doctor and if the writing and action in the rest of the series are this good we’re in for a treat. I really loved the whole episode, and seeing him trying out his new costume (which I’ve already said that I liked) while playing around with some of the older ones was a nice little touch for the fans. More than anything though, parts of this episode were just hilarious:

“From the day they arrived on the planet and blinking stepped into the sun, there’s more to see…oh, sorry. That was The Lion King.”

And since ginger jokes are always funny, we can’t forget:

“Am I…ginger?”

The new series starts properly next year, as does the new spinoff, Torchwood, which was alluded to in no uncertain terms. No firm date as far as I know, unfortunately.

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