The End of the Core?

I’ve maintained all along that the Xbox 360 Core pack was a really stupid idea, something that was backed up when it was announced that Final Fantasy XI, as crappy as it is, won’t even work without the HDD. Now take a look at this:

Football Manager 2006

Admittedly it’s probably not a game that’ll sell by the bucketload, at least outside the UK, but look at that little icon in the bottom left. It really doesn’t look good for the Core system when only a couple of months into the console’s lifespan we already have two games out of what is a fairly small number anyway that won’t work on it.

Not only that, but this is another small PR disaster for Microsoft when people who bought a brand new console that they were told would play everything find that they need an accessory that’s impossible to find at the moment. Unless they drop the Core soon, this effectively turns the HDD into an add-on in the same vein as the Mega CD and 32X. Let’s hope that it’s less 64DD and more N64 Expansion Pak.

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