The Morning After

Much has been made of a recent CVG editorial, in which they ask whether or not the novelty of the Wii is beginning to wear off. I must confess to wondering the same thing.

Twilight Princess was a wonderful experience – all 37 hours of it – and I’m glad that I decided to take the risk and get the version with the prettier graphics and funky controls. Far from being an obstacle, I thoroughly enjoyed swinging my virtual sword and getting the occasional funny look for squinting down the remote to aim. Likewise, Wii Sports was brilliant and the most astute pack-in since Super Mario Bros.

What now? WarioWare is great fun for a few hours, and next there’s Super Paper Mario (another survivor of the GameCube) which should be worth a look. Metroid Prime 3, Mario Galaxy, and Smash Bros should – fingers crossed – make it out this year. Fire Emblem will be a buy if it’s as good as the GBA games.

Now…what links those games? Could it be their publisher? Anyone else worried that we’re heading for another GameCube situation here?

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