The Next Generation is Here

Well not here exactly; we still have another ten days to wait. Still, there’s a lucky minority on this planet who have the Xbox 360 sitting in their living rooms.

There’s the usual console launch hysteria going on around the Internet, with some managing to net one, others going home empty-handed, and some sad stories that prove that some people in the world are fucking dicks. What’s making me chuckle are the stories of them being very difficult to find for people who were hoping to walk into stores and pick one up, as if they were expecting the stories of shortages around the world that have been on this site and others for weeks were nothing but hearsay. According to articles like this (worth a read, by the way) people are finding out that there won’t be restocks until February, which is what suppliers have been saying ever since the news of small allocations started to come out.

The lesson? Always listen to me. And don’t be too stingy to pay a deposit to preorder and guarantee your machine on day one.

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