The Parting of the Ways

The new series of Doctor Who has been one of the most enjoyable TV shows that I’ve seen in a long time and should serve as the paragon of how to successfully revive and update an old series, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the final episode ever since I saw the spectacular-looking trail attached to last week’s episode. The Daleks are cool, so half a million of them getting ready to invade Earth had to be even cooler.

The episode was indeed very good, and the big surprise was seeing Eccleston regenerate into David Tennant when we all thought it was going to happen in the Christmas special. Or at least I did until The Sun published a giant photo of it happening a couple of days ago. Thanks for that, guys…

From what we saw, which was admittedly very little, I didn’t think that he looked like he was going to be as good as he just looks too young for the role. Being in Eccleston’s clothes can’t have helped to be fair, but the casting of a Doctor who looks so young just seems to me to be an attempt to have an even more overt romance between him and Rose. Still, the Cybermen will be cool villains for the second series.

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