The Zelda Conundrum

The reviews of Zelda: Twilight Princess are coming in and it looks like a certain contender for game of the year. Naturally, being a Zelda fan (who isn’t?), I’m desperate to play it. Therein lies a problem.

  • I want it now.
  • I want it in widescreen and 480p. Strictly speaking I want it in 720p, but I’ll take what I can get.

So get the Wii version, right? Well…

  • I don’t want to look like a twat while I’m playing it. That may sound shallow, but my reservations over the controls go into the functionality as well: I want to be able scratch my nose without clattering the poor maiden who I’m trying to save with my sword, for example. In short: I want to play it with a controller. The ports are there so why not give me the option to use them?
  • Twilight Princess is the only Wii game that I want for the forseeable future. I’m reluctant to buy a whole new system for this game when there’s a perfectly functional, albeit slightly crippled, one on a system that’s been gathering dust since, well, the last Zelda. Doesn’t my faithful Cube deserve its last hurrah?

What’s a guy to do? It’s tempting just to get pissed off with Nintendo for doing this, since ultimately if they’d put widescreen and 480p into the GameCube version I wouldn’t have any issues here. The Cube can certainly handle it in 480p (the game runs on the Wind Waker engine, and that was progressive four years ago) so it’s clearly a deliberate decision to annoy the gamers with a side job in geekery. And get them to buy a Wii, of course. The console that’s designed to draw in non-gamers…


5 thoughts on “The Zelda Conundrum”

  1. I’m also in a similar position, I want to play Zelda, but I want a US Wii seeing as how all my Gamecube games the US releases. Yet it’s hard to justify spending all that money on one game when I have no idea what the next game will be that I’ll actually want to buy. Ofcourse a US Wii with Zelda and RE4, which for some reason I never bought, I imported that demo and loved it and never got round to getting the actual game, is a very exciting prospect.

    Personally the control issue doesn’t really bother me, it’s like playing DDR, when you watch someone they look a bit stupid. But as soon as you start playing you forget all about that, and just have a great time. How often when playing a single player game do you have people actually watching you play?

    Saying this, if I’m walking past GAME on the way home from work and I see a Wii sitting in the window asking to be bought. I’m not sure if I could resist.

  2. Alas I’ve a fairly large PAL Gamecube library so my fate is to some extent already sealed… damn you Nintendo Europe, damn you straight to hell!!

    I keep toying with the idea of getting a Wii this side of Christmas but after some reflection common sense prevails, much as I like Zelda its not as if the 360 isn’t keeping me busy! That gives time for the Wii catalogue to improve and possibly for the price to come down some. I do have some doubts. I’ll admit it I’m a graphics whore, and right now I’m not sure how eager I’ll be to spend time with the Wii after sampling the veritable graphics feast served up by the likes of the 360 (and its new competitor).

    Besides is it me or does the price of the Wii not look so appealing after you factor in purchasing another nunchuck + Wiimote?

  3. Wow, full credit to them for defending their score like that.

    I don’t like GameSpot’s system of giving an average for a final score (average sound shouldn’t pull a good game down and great graphics shouldn’t push an average game up, for example) and I lost a lot of respect for them when they bowed to community pressure and bumped up their score for Shenmue, but they make a good case and kudos that they can exercise such an opinion on such a high profile game.

    Incidentally IGN has said that the Cube version supports 480p but not widescreen, so I think I’ll just live with it and buy that one.

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