Think of the Children!

While not quite up there with ClearPlay (seriously, is Ong-Bak even a movie with the violent parts taken out?) in the idiotic-and-secretly-evil stakes, I’ve just seen via Edge Online that there’s another new secure system to do the difficult and tedious things like raising your children for you and stop the kids playing those evil games for more than they should. Game Guardian houses a PStwo console and, through a PIN system, lets you set how long it can run before the system gets powered down, probably without warning.

It’s convenient because even though the kids are still playing GTA, it’s OK when they can only play it for an hour. Edge point out the obvious frustration of being shut off mid-mission, but imagine the fun if it decided to shut down during a save and completely corrupted the memory card, losing all progress from all games. That would make Little Johnny much easier to live with, wouldn’t it?

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