Tronix Rules

I wanted a Quick Charge Kit for my 360 because the Play & Charge kind of defeats the object of the wireless controller and was getting on my nerves, but since it’s not out here I decided to jump online and import one from the US. I’d heard of Tronix as a great resource for US imports way back when I used to read EGM circa 1998 but had never used them so I gave them a shot.

Now how’s this for service? I placed my order at 8pm on Wednesday, and on Friday morning I got a knock at the door where the FedEx man was waiting to hand me a package containing my Quick Charge Kit. A turnaround of 40 hours or so for an order from the States is bloody impressive, especially since there are UK retailers that wouldn’t get it to me that fast.

What’s more, they’d marked it as a promotional product without me having to ask which meant no import duty (it was probably within the allowance anyway, but you can never be too careful), and it cost me £20.21 for the thing plus FedEx shipping. When it eventually gets released here we’re probably talking £19.99 or £24.99 anyway. Kudos to them, and they have my hearty recommendation for anyone looking to import a US game. Unless you’re already in the US, in which case that would be silly.

As a side note, the Quick Charge is much better than the Play & Charge, even if you’ve already bought the old kit. I now don’t need to ever wire my controller and always have a fresh battery ready to go. Joy!

2 thoughts on “Tronix Rules”

  1. Do let us know what sort of play time you get with a freshly recharged battery, I’m currently managing with a set of 2300mAH NiMH AA batteries, getting I guess between 20-25 hours of gaming. I’m not sure if thats ‘good’ as I seem to be changing out sets of batteries fairly frequently.

  2. Well I’ve been using the Play & Charge for a couple of months and although I’ve never bothered to work out how much time I’m getting (I’m sure you can hunt down a review from someone who has), as far as I can tell it’s very similar to what I was getting on regular AAs before that. If you’re fine with non-Microsoft rechargeables then it’s probably not worth the money for one of the new packs aside from a bit of extra convenience.

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