In a potentially exciting announcement, the BBC are going to be producing a video games show called videoGaiden. Any excitement about this news may be tapered off because of the fact that the percentage of video game TV shows that turn out to be crap is about the only thing that rivals the percentage of video game movies that turn out crap, but the ace up the sleeve of this one is that it’s being developed by the team behind Consolevania. It’s only in ten-minute episodes and it’s only being shown terrestrially in Scotland, but it’s a start.

It’s a deal that’s been in the pipeline for some time, with them telling Boomtown a while back that they already get more viewers than some televised shows that they produce already. I don’t think showing it only in Scotland (five million possible viewers, but only if every person in Scotland was to watch it) is the way to reproduce that success, but hopefully it will be made available throughout the UK and online.

Hopefully by giving some funny blokes with a passion for games can turn the gaming TV genre around and make it a hit like GamesMaster was in the day. God knows we need something to compensate for the horror of Gamezville and the non-event (although I’ll admit to enjoying it) that was When Games Attack.

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