What Can I Do With £425?

Not give it all to Sony, that’s for sure.

That’s fucking insane. It’s $200 more than the already-expensive US 60GB model, and of course Microsoft must be having a field day with the fact that it’s nearly £150 more than the premium 360. Most were expecting a 360 price drop by that time but to be fair they don’t even need to. We Brits are used to paying a premium over the rest of the world but at least with the 360 we’re only paying $30 more than in the States.

Chances are for that amount of money I’ll be able to buy a Wii, the 360 HD-DVD drive, and have money left over for some games for both machines. Fuck them.

7 thoughts on “What Can I Do With £425?”

  1. its quite unbelievable , how arrogant sony must be to set a price like that! yes it has a blu-ray drive but its not appreciated shoving it down consumers throats, i say give people the choice make it upgradable then they would be so much more likely to ship shit loads of ps3s and when people can afford it then buy a blu-ray drive, but sony doing it this way is just gona piss people off! i spoke to 3 people today about it and they all say the same thing! so expensive im gona wait!! lol , sorry sony you have dropped the ball this time

  2. It’s ridiculous. Yet again we get screwed on the price conversion side of things. I’ll still get one but $ony should know they’ve lost a lot of my respect.

  3. Buying one regardless isn’t really the best way to show them your displeasure now, is it? It’s not going to mean a lot to them when they still get a fat wad of your cash in their account.

  4. It really goes to show that customer loyality isn’t something that is rewarded by Sony, its something they wear like a badge, which they generally boast and brag about at each E3 in the form of a boring PowerPoint slideshow; and when it comes to setting the price: “We’re Sony of course they’ll buy it whatever!!”. Would it surprise you if they added an additional premium to the price of PS3 games? That would be the final straw wouldn’t it?!

  5. On a similar note there was a story on Teletext talking about this. Someone from Sony said that the brand name is so strong that even without games they could sell six million units in this country. It’s probably true to be fair – just look at the PSP ;)

  6. “The brand name is so strong that even without games they could sell six million units in this country.”

    This is, regrettably, correct, as the average modern gamer is an idiot. If this wasn’t the case, 50 Cent Bulletproof wouldn’t have sold 100 times more copies than Panzer Dragoon Orta did. I honestly can’t think of any other entertainment industry where quality counts for so little. Even good films that don’t win Oscars still gain a large cult following and become household names. Games are just allowed to sink into oblivion.

    Back on topic though, £425 is an absolutely obscene price. I’d have thought that Sony, of all companies, would appreciate the value of customer loyalty as it was them who benefited when Sega overpriced the Saturn so ridiculously- people invariably got pissed off with Sega, especially after the failure of the Mega CD and 32X (speaking of which, the PSP could be seen as Sony’s modern equivalent of these two machines) and brought a PSX. Clearly some of Sony’s marketing team have short memories.

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