Wii? Non!

Sacr? bleu!

Is it me or are Nintendo deliberately trying to make themselves difficult to get behind? We’re all up for downloadable Nintendo games, downloadable Sega games, new gaming experiences, a cheaper price tag, and the excellent console design, but then they keep trying to cancel out these big pluses with apparent negatives.

First there’s the idea that its maximum output will be 480p. That’s going to look nice on those HDTVs that people are buying. Then the infamous controller, which I’ve come to like but doubt most will. A couple of weeks ago the news that it’s barely more powerful on paper than the Xbox broke which set off all the specs whores. Now they’ve come out with the weirdest console name possible. OK no, Wonderswan still keeps that title.

I’m sure that ‘Wii’ is supposed to be a play on the pronoun ‘we’ and therefore community or family (back to ‘Famicom’, in a way), but to me and my English slang it just means that the new console is effectively called the Nintendo Urine. Urban Dictionary agrees with me.

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