WordPress 2.0 is Coming

It’s been announced that WordPress 2.0, the new major release of the CMS that this site is run on, is finally getting its official release on Monday. I’ve been looking forward to this because I’ve been using WordPress since the launch of 1.5 when I moved this site to a proper blogging system (I used to edit all the HTML by hand when I wanted to edit) and this is a pretty huge upgrade. There’s a good rundown of all the new stuff here.

I installed the latest release candidate on a test blog yesterday to make sure my theme and all my plugins work and was very impressed, and I’ve been testing it on WordPress.com for some time before that. I’ll be installing it on here as soon as the final version is out and, if all goes according to plan you shouldn’t notice anything apart from a few minutes of downtime.

If you’re interested in a blog/site I really recommend trying out WordPress, either hosted yourself or not. It’s the best CMS I’ve tried and has a great community involved in the project.

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