Work Experience: Day 1

Pretty boring start…

I got put on GamesTM which is OK with me since I know some of the staff already, but they apparently didn’t have a lot for me to do so I spent the day trawling and NewsNow for potential stories on what must be one of the slowest news days around. 90% of what came up that was marginally interesting was unfounded rumour or more hype around nothing about the Revolution.

What made it worse was that I was using a 500MHz iMac G3 running the horrible Mac OS 9.2 and the only browser was the absolutely abysmal Internet Explorer 5.1.7 for Mac. I love OS X but I don’t know how anyone survived on the previous versions because I think I’d prefer Windows 95. It didn’t help that the browser had absolutely no provision for CSS layouts so most of the sites displayed completely wrong, and it managed to crash the thing to the point of needing a restart four times in six hours. Just look at what it does to GI even on the “upgraded” OS X version: on IE

I think I’ll be taking in my iBook tomorrow and seeing if they’ll let me use that for the sake of my sanity. Thankfully they’re expecting that I’ll have some preview code to play around with including Rainbox Six: Lockdown and – yay! – Winning Eleven 9.

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