Work Experience: Day 3

Pretty much spent the whole day continuing the long slog through Shin Megami. I’m now about nine hours in, having just reached the amusement park area. I still think it’s good, but it’s getting slightly frustrating now. You can come up against a boss and kill it with no problems and then come up against five normal enemies who just overwhelm and wipe you out. It’s fine most of the time though, and the story is constantly interesting.

Martin, the editor of GamesTM, came back from his trip to Rockstar where he played GTA: Liberty City Stories which, he assured me, is going to be fucking brilliant. Another developer came in with some hack-and-slash game (not sure what it was, but it reminded me of a cross between Otogi and Onimusha) which looked like it had some serious framerate and camera issues to be worked out. It seemed like it could be fun enough, but it looked like a high-res PSX game at times and when they guy claimed it was a near-final build I wasn’t too encouraged.

Apparently Ubisoft are coming in tomorrow with a couple of new games to try out (187 Ride or Die and FarCry: Instincts, I think), so I’ll post some impressions after I’ve seen and hopefully played them.

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