Work Experience: Day 6

Started the second and final week of my placement with a fairly uneventful day, spent completely on carrying on with my point-and-click adventure task. I didn’t really mind at all because they were three of my favourites. I spent the whole morning on Broken Sword which still holds up well (got back from the Ireland section when I stopped), then after lunch I moved on to Broken Sword II. I’m not actually sure which one I prefer, but I got past Marseilles before I needed a break from George Stobbart.

I then fired up Grim Fandango which I hadn’t played before and played it until the end of the day, ending up loving it. I’m now watching a few copies on eBay with the intention of getting my own copy and finishing it because it was one of the most genuinely funny games I’ve ever played, even if it could be occasionally abstract. Thankfully not as abstract as Day of the Tentacle, but it had me scratching my head a couple of times. How did people ever finish point-and-click games in the days before GameFAQs?

Nothing particularly interesting happened outside my little microcosm, either. I overheard some conversations about arrangements for the first reviews of Xbox 360 games which I won’t post here on pain of death, and I saw a decent amount of Moto GP 3 on the Xbox (as good as the others but not much different), but that was really about it. I should have something more interesting tomorrow because they’re getting me to do something else.

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