World Cup 2006

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

Hooray! The biggest sporting event in the world is underway and I now have at least 96 hours of football (the real one; not armoured rugby) to watch over the next month. I’m one of the 1.8 billion people watching Germany play Costa Rica at the moment (2-1 to Germany with 35 minutes played at the moment) and I’ll be switching over to Poland/Ecuador in a couple of hours. The real moment of truth for me will be tomorrow when England play Paraguay.

Either way don’t expect me to talk about too much else in the meantime. It’s not like there’s much to play at the moment, and even so I’d be dropping everything for this. Maybe I can hold a controller as I watch and pretend that it’s next-gen Pro Evo.

Anyway, in my experience it seems that even in countries where football is the meaning of life, gamers are generally one of the more apathetic groups towards it. So is anyone else out there planning on watching all that they can, just watching their team, or avoiding it like the plague? Being American is no excuse.

5 thoughts on “World Cup 2006”

  1. “not armoured rugby”

    more like armored rugby with a TON of silly rules i swear american football is as much about the rules as it is about getting the ball to the otherside. I still like my country though ;)

  2. Rugby has its fair share of silly rules that I don’t understand. It looks to me like a load of really ugly guys running into each other and then making a big pile of people. I can only assume that it’s better than American football since more than one country plays it.

  3. They’re not allowed to make a big pile of people, as the ref will just award a scrum to the team going forward.

    I think football is okay. I’m only watching the England matches because, well, it’s a lot easier to watch the highlights on the telly and then read the commentary in the paper.

  4. I’ve tried to watch every game so far. Its only been at work where i have missed one or two.


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