Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility

To give Microsoft their due credit, when they said that the 360 would be able to play ?top-selling Xbox games? I took that to mean a few of the big ones, maybe 20 or so, and certainly nowhere near this many. Considering that they have to be emulated and aren?t simply being run on a hardware chip like the PS3 will probably do and the PS2 does, over 200 games is an impressive selection. Now I know that the list will be added to over time (once again to their credit, the new emulation profiles will be free downloads) but I can?t be the only one who thinks they?re missing some of the best games on the system while having dross like Barbie Horse Adventure and Kabuki Warriors on it.

They may not have set the sales charts alight but Sega?s Jet Set Radio Future and Shenmue II should be given life on the next generation – it?s not like they sold any less than some of the crap there. No sign of any of the Splinter Cells? Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy is only a couple of months old but it?s not playable. MechAssault was the early XBL killer app, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein kept me on Live for hundreds of hours – both AWOL. The Burnout and Project Gotham Racing games aren?t there either, presumably to encourage people to pick up the new 360 titles that should be there around launch. Those are just out of my collection so I?m sure there are others that other people are missing.

Still, it?s a far better list than I expected. Here?s hoping that they add some more of the AAA games.

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