Xbox 360 DVD Capacity

I’ve been searching desperately for something to write on here that wasn’t just about my new TV and/or DVD player which is proving very difficult at the moment because I’m obsessing over the whole thing. I’ve been playing with settings and have the new DVD player looking great, so I’m happy with it now and can find something else to talk about.

Anyway, this is the best I could come up with. There’s an interesting article here at GamesFirst which speculates on that popular topic of whether or not DVD9 is going to be big enough for Xbox 360 games. They look at the massive improvement in the graphical quality of Xbox games (check out that Azurik/FarCry comparison!) and then at the relatively small increase in the size of game data. Judging by that, in a few years compression and knowledge of the hardware should allow for massive and stunning games on a single disc and it has allayed some of my fears.

Only time will tell but I remember that seriously impressive 96k FPS demo from when it came out and it doesn’t look half bad. Imagine what that technology would allow them to fit in an 8.5GB disc with some high definition art assets.

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