Xbox 360?

Edge are running an interesting article about the name of the new Xbox, which is now apparently going to be called Xbox 360. Even if the name isn’t as cool as Xbox Next, I definitely like that they’ve made it white. That’s a nice break from tradition and you only have to look at the Dreamcast to see how good a white (OK, dirty white if you want to be pedantic) console can look. I’m sick of the multiple shades of grey and black and find the GameCube’s purple to be a step too far in the opposite direction, so white is good.

Anyway, that article certainly shows some really fucked up names for a console. Odyssey of the Mind? Optimal Ozone? The irony of the Xbox being called P2P at one point is also very apparent. I’m actually going to be watching MTV when it’s unveiled (or, rather, watching the fallout online as it will be shown in the US and posted online a long time before it comes here) just to see what they’ve done to improve what I thought was the best console of this generation.

White is good. Xbox 360 is acceptable. The hardware is excellent. No hard drive is bad. Wireless controllers are good when done right. The supposed picture of Project Gotham Racing 3 is incredible. Whether any of those rumours turn out to be true will have to wait until then. It’s just sad that such a potentially huge announcement is coming through a channel as malapropos as MTV.

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