DVD Binge

My making up for lost time with all the DVDs that I missed while saving continues, with the Oldboy, Grave of the Fireflies, and Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves that arrived yesterday joining the Deadwood Season One that I bought on Tuesday, and soon to be joined by The Simpsons Seasons 5 and 6, Firefly, The Fly: Collector’s Edition, Mallrats X, and Land of the Dead Unrated which are all somewhere in the postal system at the moment. It feels good to have a backlog of movies to watch again.

The one in that list which might surprise some people is Land of the Dead, which was only released here theatrically on 23rd September (incidentally, we were the last country to get it, behind even countries that needed it translated before they could get it released – somehow they wonder why people import so many DVDs) and isn’t even out in the States on DVD until 18th October, but it seems that PlayUSA have performed some kind of alchemy and got it in the post twelve days before release. I was impressed when they got Fellowship of the Ring to me ten days before release but they’ve outdone themselves on this one. I was thinking of going to the Halloween event at Harbour Lights (the same place we saw Howl at the weekend) where they’re showing a double bill of the original Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead, but fuck that when I can sit at home and watch them without a bunch of Romero fanboys.

I’m also seeing Serenity on Friday night so impressions should be on here forthwith. The last sci-fi film I saw in the cinema was Revenge of the Sith so I need something to burn it out of my memory. I hope no-one in it screams “NOOOOO!” or I could have a relapse.

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