Katamari Damacy Street 2006

Perhaps unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me I found the news that EA would publish Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy in Europe potentially worrying. Good that it would have some exposure (although it could easily be left unpushed and fall by the wayside like the excellent Oddword: Stranger’s Wrath, which EA also picked up but then left to die), but bad that it was the Evil Empire that was giving that exposure and getting their foot in the door of a sleeper hit that had no licence, no licenced music, and not even a particularly marketable concept…yet.

Katamari Damacy Street 2006

What I did find funny was that it was necessary for them to point out today that they won’t be altering the concept – notably the music – for their European version. It seems that even EA themselves were only too aware that their reputation goes before them and that much of the hardcore experienced a collective vision of EA Trax popping up in the game with the latest Maroon 5 track. Of course that’s only because their marketing department has been reading our thoughts from their lair inside a volcano.

Also on the subject of EA, I heard a very funny statistic about them over on the Dreamstation.cc Video Game Show – apparently out of EA’s next 26 titles, 25 of them are sequels. The one that isn’t? The Godfather…

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