Sex is Worse than Indiscriminate Murder

I have to admit that I’m very amused by the whole debacle surrounding the Hot Coffee mod for GTA San Andreas on the PC, and the sex minigame that it apparently enables. From what I can tell Rockstar had it in the game and then buried it for fear of being denied ratings, and an enterprising mod maker unlocked it in the PC version (that’s according to him on his website; Rockstar deny it). Personally I think putting out a GTA game with an AO rating would have been a great way to destroy the stigma attached to it as no retailer in their right mind would refuse to stock it, but there you go.

Anyway, what’s made me laugh is the fact that All-American moral crusaders the National Institute on Media and the Family have issued a National Parental Warning on San Andreas in light of this mod, stating that: “While San Andreas is already full of violent behavior and sexual themes, the pornographic sex scenes push it over the edge.”

Just to point out the sheer ridiculousness of this statement, in a game where you can commit the wanton slaughter of innocent pedestrians, kill police and steal their car, blow police helicopters out of the air, fly across the country to commit a massacre, engage in drug deals, etc, they think that having consensual sex at a legal age with a girlfriend is the thing that pushes it over the edge? The game is intended for over 17’s only and, although it may not be in America, it’s legal to have sex at that age in the free world. On the other hand it’s never legal to shoot random people in the face with automatic weapons.

If the parents are too fucking lazy to monitor their own kids’ entertainment it’s their problem, but GTA is adult entertainment and is marked as such. If you don’t want your kids to play it don’t buy it for them, which is presumably what you did.

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