The 10,000 Club

It only took me the best part of two and a half years, 45 games and 502 achievements, but today, I am a man.

By that, I mean I finally got my Gamerscore into five figures.

NekoFever breaks 10,000

The one that did it was the ‘One Man Army’ achievement in the rather excellent GTA IV (impressions post coming when I get the time), with the 40 points that it yielded being enough to push me over this glorious milestone.

I’ll have to live with the fact that I was playing the system a bit in order to get it (running backwards and forwards on the train tracks where the police couldn’t get me for five minutes with a six-star wanted level), but I can deal with it. It’s the gaming equivalent of grinding out an important win with ugly football.

Will I ever reach 20,000? Doubtful. At my current rate of achievement unlocking, purchasing the required number of games would surely bankrupt me, and I seriously doubt even the most optimistic analysts projecting any console to have a life that long. Oh well, at least I no longer have that four-figure black mark on my gaming credentials.

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