21 Today

So 21 years ago today I came into the world. I don’t know why the 21st birthday is still important – I’ve been able to vote and drink since I was 18, after all – and even why an arbitrary number like 21 ever was the coming of age (why not 20?) but if it’s a chance to celebrate me I’ll take it. Apparently I’m now old enough to supervise a learner driver, so that’s something.

Birthdays just aren’t as exciting as they used to be. I remember not being able to sleep the night before and getting tons of presents, and now I get some money. Admittedly that’s always cool and what I asked for (I’m out to get a MacBook Pro in the near future), but it lacks that mystery and anticipation that a shitload of new toys had. At least the post-18 ones add alcohol to the mix so I can spent Saturday night in a stupor.

To end on a vaguely existential note, now that the 21st has been done the next big one is 30. There’s an encouraging thought…

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