Too Bloody Atsui

I knew I was in trouble when we stepped out of the airport in Japan and it was over 30 degrees…at night. So far Tokyo has been very grey (torrential rain on the first morning, but other than that dry), but still in the low thirties with high humidity. Not comfortable but hey, it’s Tokyo.

I haven’t been online in a while because getting on in Australia was a pain and it took me a few days to realise that we have free (I think) broadband in our hotel room here, but now all my photos should be up, even if I haven’t been able to annotate them all yet. Except this one, for obvious reasons. The rest of them will have to wait until I get home on Thursday.

In Japan we’ve been to most of the main districts in Tokyo, the highlight probably being the serendipitous visit to Harajuku at the same time as the Super Yosakoi festival. We also went to Kamakura and saw the big temples, all the while being captured by an old Japanese man who spends his days practicing English by collaring random westerners and showing them round. His opening line is “I am not suspicious,” which pretty much sums up the caliber of conversation.

Tomorrow we’re taking the Shinkansen to Kyoto (tip: if you’re planning on using the train when in Japan buy the Japan Rail Pass; it pays for itself with one bullet train trip) and then in the last couple of days we’re planning on hitting Nikko and the Imperial Palace before heading home on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Too Bloody Atsui”

  1. Hi guys,
    Looks like you are having a great time and i’m loving the photos, especially the one of the ‘nekobasu’. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    Speak soon.

  2. hi boys! good photos, still no kangaroos but maybe you can find some in tokyo! also just to tell you im the undisputed cod2 king! i even heard someone in the street whisper “look its the the rifle king” but dont let it ruin your holiday! lol see you all soon carlxxxxxxx

  3. That’s only because you don’t have any real competition without me around. Wait until I get home and give you the usual spanking.

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